August 11, 2012

Press Summary

THE STAR – Wednesday June 17, 2009

Lift for wheelchair-bound MPs and visitors ready

THE Parliament building is now friendlier to wheelchair-bound MPs and visitors as its special lift is ready for use.

Chief Administrator Datuk Kamaruddin Mohamad Baria said: “Disabled visitors can now park their cars at the back of the Parliament building, wheel down a low-gradient ramp, which is covered with anti-slippery mat, to get to the back entrance of the Parliament. Then they can take the lift up.”

Convenience: Norizan trying out the lift for the disabled at the parliament building yesterday.
He said the proposal was to accommodate wheelchair-bound MPs like veteran DAP MP Karpal Singh and other visitors.

Wheelchair-bound Norizan Kasbi was pleasantly surprised when he saw the lift during a visit to Parliament yesterday. The former Johor Umno Youth information chief was the first disabled person to use the lift.

“This is thoughtful of the Parliament administration,” said Norizan, 47, who became paralysed after a road accident in Sabah in 1999.

THE STAR – Thursday June 18, 2009

Karpal all praise for disabled-friendly facilities

KARPAL Singh (DAP – Bukit Gelugor) is all praise for the newly modified ramp and special lift meant for the disabled at Parlia­ment House.

“This is a good development. It’s good for disabled visitors who come to Parliament, and not only for me.

“It’s a necessity now as many were unable to come due to the lack of facilities,” said Karpal, who was wheeled into the building from the back entrance via the new low-gradient ramp.

The new ramp at the back of the main building comes with an overhead roof.

He then took the lift to the first floor where the Dewan Rakyat is located.

Karpal said that in April, he fell forward from his wheelchair while using the ramp at the front of the tower block because it was quite steep.